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RIO Brazilian Churrasco Barbeque Restaurant Menu

Banquet Menu Timings

Rodizio Style Churrasco BBQ Menu

Lunch can be opened groups above 20 people

Dinner Timing

Wednesday & Thursday 5.30pm to 9pm
Friday & Saturday 5.30pm to 10pm

Slide Show of Delicious Churrasco Banquet Foods

Dinner Price
All You Can Eat Brazilian Churrasco BBQ Banquet

Sunday to Thursday - $49pp
Fridays - $55pp

Saturdays - $59pp

Discounted price available for group bookings above 8 guests

Banquet Price for Kids
Free Under 3 years
4 to 7 year: $29
8 to 11 year: $39
Full from 12 years

View Full Churrasco Menu in PDF

$39pp Mixed Grill Plate - After 9pm is $35pp

Saturday & Sunday Lunch Price - Open for Groups Bookings over 20
$39pp - Mixed Grilled Plate
$46pp - Rodizio Style Churrasco BBQ

BBQ Dinner Special Menu

Friday & Saturday Live Entertainment

8.15pm - DJ Music
8.30pm - Brazilian Samba Carnival Show
9.15pm - DJ playing RnB, Hip Hop, House, 80's Party, Top of Charts for dancing

The Brazilian Show is a family-friendly version
Perfect for audiences of all ages, including families and children

Friday & Saturday Entertainment - Spectacular Dance Show - DJ - Dancing

Terms & Conditions
Deposit is required for all Bookings (to avoid no shows and food wastage)
Bookings are strictly not taken with No Deposit
$50 deposit is required for bookings between 1 and 15 guests
$100 deposit required for bookings over 16 guests

Tables of 2 are Pre Paid on Saturday Dinners

If you turn up without prior booking / deposit on Friday & Saturday Party Nights
Please make food payment upon arrival. After that you will be seated and served

Deposits can be made over the phone with your credit card, or by internet bank transfer

• Fully Licensed Venue; Sorry BYO Not Allowed
• Friday & Saturday food bill is Pre Paid. Please pay food part on arrival
• Split Bills are not available for tables above 6 guests
• Please Arrange one person from your group to collect from all your guests & pay in one transaction

• For Drink Tabs at the bar, credit card & driver's license required before starting tab
• Final number of seats for Friday & Saturday dinner required latest by 4pm on the day
• If less people turn up on the night, You will be billed for number of guests that you confirmed prior to 4pm
• Large parties / groups are prepaid in advance
• Refund Policy: Please notify cancellations 6 hours prior to booking time, for deposit refunds

Celebration Cakes Must be cut before 8.15pm
• Once the dance show & DJ starts, music will not be stopped, and lights will Not be turned on
• You can bring balloons and table decorations; confetti & party poppers are not allowed

• Price charged per person is for Food only
• The Show & DJ are complimentary - Guests may choose to stay back for show & dancing

• Friday & Saturday Bookings after 9.30pm - Order $39 Mixed Platter
• Children are allowed till late, they must be seated and be accompanied by parents at all times
• Issues & Complaints - Must be sorted with the Manager Incharge, before leaving the premises

• Vegetarians •
• Priot to arrival please tell us how many Vegetarian mains are required
• Vegetarian main must be Pre Ordered: Choose 1 from: Risotto, Penne Pasta, Eggplant Parmigiana

• We provide a safe environment to all patrons. We practice Responsible Service of Alcohol
• Under 18 years are not allowed to consume alcohol. Adult should not buy a minor alcohol
• Drinks (glasses & bottles) are not allowed on the dance floor; Leave the drinks on your table
• We have On Premise Liquor Licence with Primary Service Authorisation & Extended Trading Authorisation
Dress code: Smart Casual / Formal / Dress to Impress / No Tradie attire / No Thongs / Shorts

• A minimum transaction of $25 is required to use plastic cards at the bar
If the transaction is under $25 - Please Pay cash, when buying drinks individually at the bar
• Card Service Fee of 2% applies to all Plastic Cards, for transcations over $100
• To avoid surcharge, pay for the booking in advance, internet transfer or cash

Halal Notes:
• Our Beef, Lamb and Chicken are purchased from Halal certified butchers
• Muslim customers please avoid Non Halal / Pork dishes like:
* Pork Belly
* Pork Tenderloin
* BBQ Pork Sausage
* Bean & Bacon Stew/ feijoada
* Pork Chorizo

• Every meat is grilled on different skewers, and not mixed with Pork dishes
and we do not use any wine for cooking

Menu: A group can choose only one menu: either Churrasco Banquet or the Mixed Platter
Mixed Platter available on Friday & Saturday after 8.30pm

Those who want to come for dancing, can come after 9.30pm
Food service will not start, until everyone arrives at the Table
This is to avoid issues with late comers missing out on dishes

Group Bookings: We are not like a regular Ala Carte Restaurant; We operate similiar to a all you can eat buffet restaurant
Tables above 20 people are prepaid in advance; incase if not possible, then must pay food bill on arrival
You will be billed for number of guests
that you confirm before 4.00pm on the night

• Kindly avoid Telephone bookings; We prefer Bookings by Email for Accuracy
Please Book Online on the Booking Form

Drink Menu & Packages

Beer, Wine & Spirit List
Cocktail List

Optional - Drink Packages
A. $10pp / 3 hours - Basic Soft Pack: Unlimited Coke, Lemonade, No Sugar Coke, Fanta & Squash
B. $15pp / 5 hours - Unlimited Soft Pack: Soft drinks + Orange Juice & Apple Juice Unlimited

C. $39pp / 3 hours - Red & White Wine, Sparkling + Basic Soft Pack
D. $49pp / 4 hours - Red & White Wine, Sparkling + Premium Soft Pack

E. $59pp / 3 hours - Beers, Wine, Sparkling + Premium Soft Pack
F. $69pp / 4 hours - Beers, Wine, Sparkling + Premium Soft Pack

Drink Package Price mentioned above is per person
Everyone at the table must take the same type of package
Spirits are not included in any packages
Licencing Police advice is to avoid alcohol packages
RSA Rules & Regulations are followed

Churrasco Banquet Menu
Each of the below items served on your tables in Rodizio style

Imp Note: Food is served in the below order only
Food service will not start on the table, until everyone in the group arrives

View Full Menu in PDF

Sides, Salads, Dips - (Acompanhamentos)
Green Chimichurri - (Chimichurri verde)
Hot Malagueta Pepper Sauce - (Molho de Pimenta)
Creamy Garlic Sauce - (Molho de Alho)
Brazilian Potato & Corn Salad - (Maionese de Batata) (veg)
Macaroni Pasta salad - (Macarronese) (veg)
Farofa - (Cassava Flour) (veg)
Salad with Fetta & Beetroot - (Salada Loca/ Mista) (veg)
Creamy Garlic Mayonnaise - (Molho de alho)
Vinagrete Tomato Salsa (Vinagrette) (veg)

Hot Sides Dishes
Black Bean & Bacon Stew - (Feijoada)
Brazilian Rice - (Arroz Brasileiro) (veg)
Garlic Bread - (Pao de Alho) (veg)
BBQ Zucchini with Parmesan - (Abobrinha assada) (veg)
Honey Roast Pumpkin with Star Anise - (A Abbora) (veg)
Cinnamon Banana - (Banana Frita com canela e Acar) (veg)
Brazilian Style Wings - (Asinha De Frango)(veg)
Halloumi Cheese Grilled - (Queijo) (veg)
Pimiento Chips - (Batata Frita) (veg)

Appetizers & Starters
Cheese Bread - (Pao De Queijo) (veg)
Flame Grilled Pork Chorizo - (Chorizo de Porco)
Grilled fish fillet with Lemon Lime - (Peixe Grelhado)
Peri Peri Chicken Wings - (Asinha De Frango)
Sweet Potato - (Batata Doce Frita)
Pineapple Roast w/ cinnamon - (Abacaxi) (veg)
Chicken Heart Skewer - (Coracao de frango)

Grilled Meat & Chicken (Da Churasqueira)
Garlic Beef w/ pepper cheese sauce - (Picanha com Alho De Queijo)
Chicken Breast Skewer - (File de Frango Assado)
Pork Tenderloin - (with Red Chimichurri)
BBQ Pork Sausage - (Linguica Caseira)
Grilled Beef Sausage - (Linguica de Carne)
Chicken Maryland with mustard - (Frango Apimentado)
Leg of Lamb with Oregano - (Pernil De Carneiro)
Pork Belly w/ Sea Salt & Lime - (Costela De Porco)
Beef Sirloin - (w/ Green Chimichurri)
Salted Beef Rump Cap - (Picanha)

Choose one dish from - Must Pre Order
Mushroom Risotto  •  Penne Napolitano  •  Eggplant Parmigiana

Add On Desserts
Add Extra $12.00 each - Served with Ice cream - choose from:
Churros & Nutella  •  Cheese Cake  • Chocolate Cake

  Braziilan BBQ Churrasco Banquet Price

All You Can Eat Menu - Churrasco Menu

Sunday to Thursday    $49 per person
Friday                          $55 per person
Saturday                      $59 per person

Lunch: for Groups:     $46 per person


Show arranged for mid week Groups & Functions
Full venue available for functions Sunday to Friday

 Other days lunch opened for groups above 20 guests

Food Issues & Complaints
Speak to Manager and sort out, before leaving the venue

View Terms & Conditions

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RIO Brazilian Steakhouse
Level 1, 29 Phillip Street, Parramatta NSW 2150

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